8 Easy Treks in Himachal for Beginners

Do you wish to discover a few spectacular yet easy treks in Himachal? Since everybody has to begin somewhere, beginners opting for simple hikes in Himachal are rather frequent. Trekking is the ideal way to begin getting in touch with nature. 

Trekking has unique qualities that make it superior to other modes of transportation overall. Therefore, Travgenix strives to ease by providing the 8 easy treks of Himachal for Beginners to prepare you for what you’ll experience. 

Easy Treks in Himachal for Beginners

But Why Himachal?

The Himalayan folding is highly alluring to individuals who seek to get in touch with nature because of the mystique associated with the highlands, the allure of the uncharted, and the thrill of seeing landscapes stretch into frequently contradictory perspectives.  

8 Easy Treks in Himachal that Every Adventurer Must Do Once

1. Kheerganga Trek

Easy Treks in Himachal for Beginners - Triund Trek
  • Altitude- 2950 m
  • Trek distance- 12 to 13 km
  • Difficulty level- Easy to moderate

Among the distinctive treks in the Himalayas is Kheerganga, the ideal one for beginners, where nature greets you with hot springs when you arrive at the top at approximately 10,000 feet. Trekking alongside the Beas River, climbing through oak and pine forests, and across the lush canyon on this hike will lead you deeper through the Parvati Valley. You will pass a Shiva temple and several stunning waterfalls on the ascent and spend the entire day among the snow-capped Himalayan peaks.

Each aspect of this place would be a bit more distinctive, whether enjoying Israeli cuisine in vibrant cafes or taking a delightful stroll along the beautiful Parvati river.

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2. Triund Trek

Easy Treks in Himachal for Beginners
  • Altitude- 2,850 m
  • Trek Distance- 12-14 km
  • Difficulty level- Easy

Triund Trek would have been suggested to you by somebody if you were a beginner hiker. One of the shortest and simplest Himalayan treks, the Triund Trek offers breathtaking landscapes and lovely views of the Kangra valley and the snow-covered Dhauladhar hills. It’s a brief but steep trek to Triund. Walking between oak and rhododendron trees to cool down makes up for the steep climb.

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3. Laka Glacier

Easy Treks in Himachal for Beginners - Laka Glacier Trek

  • Altitude- 3,200 m
  • Trek distance- 26 km
  • Difficulty level- Easy to Moderate

Laka Glacier Trek or Ilaqa Got is a captivating journey among the well-known beginner-level treks since it is delicately tucked away in the Kangra Valley and encircled by the powerful Dhauladhar peaks. It is for beginners because of the simple to medium altitude and the ease with which it can be reached from Dharamshala and McLeodGanj. 

You will enjoy an incredible time on this trek, and when you hit the peak, the panoramic vistas will welcome you with mountain ranges blanketed in snow.

4. Indrahar Pass

Easy Treks in Himachal for Beginners - Indrahar Pass Trek
  • Altitude- 4,342 m
  • Trek Distance- 35 km
  • Difficulty level- Moderate

The beautiful Indrahar Pass, positioned at a dizzying 14,245 feet above sea level, separates the Chamba and Kangra districts. Despite being beginner-level, this journey is sometimes somewhat tricky due to the trail’s many abrupt steep and ascents. 

You will be overwhelmed by the amazement of the majestic vista of the luscious green valleys, the majestic Dhauladhar, and the wildlife and unusual flora.

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5. Sar Pass Circuit Trek

Best winter treks
  • Altitude- 13,800 ft
  • Trek distance- 48 km
  • Difficulty level- easy

Sar Pass, a beginner-level trek positioned at 13,800 feet above sea level, is a paradise for filmmakers, painters, and anyone who enjoys the outdoors. The Sar Pass journey traverses through a few of the most picturesque landscapes, from woods to ice blankets to grasslands, against spectacular Himalayan peaks covered in snow.

One must traverse a tiny, frequently frozen lake known as “Sar” in the Himachali language when hiking to Biskeri Ridge from Tila Lotni.

6. Prashar Lake Trek 

  • Altitude- 2730 m
  • Trek Distance- 16 km
  • Difficulty level- Easy

Prashar Lake, a beginner-level trek, is a must-hike location for trekkers seeking serenity in the natural environment since it is fantastically tucked away in the arms of Kullu Valley in the Dhauladhar Ranges’ middle. The lake’s depth, which features its floating island, is still a mystery.

On the river’s banks, the Rishi Prashar temple, built in an ancient pagoda style, is prominently displayed. Among the several benefits of visiting this location are its 180-degree vistas of the Kinnaur mountain, Dhauladhar, and the Pir Panjal, ranges that can be enjoyed from the highest point.

7. Hampta Pass Trek

7 Easy Treks in Himachal for Beginners - Hampta Pass Trek

  • Altitude- 4,270 m
  • Trek distance- 26 km
  • Difficulty level- Easy to Moderate

The Hampta Pass Trek offers one of the most beautiful vistas one could imagine, making it a remarkable experience. The stunning scenery and plenty of viewpoints you’ll get to take in this  easiest trek of Himachal for beginners level hike must be its primary selling feature. 

Additionally, it is enjoyable to cross a river. The verdant Kullu Valley has woods, grasslands, and blossoming flowers on one side of the Trek. On the other hand, Lahaul’s rugged, nearly dry terrain with its bare mountains and scant vegetation may be seen.

8. Kareri Lake Trek

7 Easy Treks in Himachal for Beginners - Kareri Lake Trek
  • Altitude- 2,934 m
  • Trek distance- 26 km
  • Difficulty level- Easy to Moderate

Kareri Lake is known as a freshwater lake surrounded by mountains and lush greenery in the Kangra district, Himachal Pradesh. Glacial Kareri lake trek is located in the glorious Dhauladhar range. It will take you on a tour of the most picturesque sights as it is home to rich pasturelands, exotic perennial flora, and thick conifers. The Kareri hike is popular among photographers and environment enthusiasts who want to spend some time in the presence of nature.


For well-traveled and experienced people, Himalayan hikes rank among their most treasured experiences. The vistas you gain through hiking the paths will be breathtaking, and you’ll feel happy to have witnessed something that a few people could experience.

Travgenix has selected the most cost-effective and approachable beginning-level treks in Himachal Pradesh. We have included everything, from successes to sights to camps to the trek plans curated by travel experts. 

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