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A Memorable Road Trip: Jaisalmer and Udaipur Adventure


The open road, the wind in your hair, and the company of cousins—what more could one ask for in a road trip? Our journey through Jaisalmer and Udaipur was a dream come true, filled with adventure and cherished moments.

Setting Off on the Open Road

Our road trip began with excitement bubbling in the air as we left behind the bustling city life and ventured into the heart of Rajasthan. The road stretched ahead, inviting us to explore the beauty of the desert state.

Jaisalmer: The Golden City

As we approached Jaisalmer, the Golden City shimmered like a mirage in the distance. The Jaisalmer Fort, rising from the sands like a fairytale castle, was our first stop. We wandered through the narrow lanes, discovering hidden havelis and enjoying panoramic views from the fort’s ramparts.

Desert Adventures

Jaisalmer was not just about the fort; it was also the gateway to the Thar Desert. We embarked on a thrilling desert safari, riding camels through the rolling sand dunes. The mesmerizing sunset over the desert was a sight to behold, and we spent the evening by a bonfire, sharing stories and stargazing under the vast desert sky.

Udaipur: The City of Lakes

Leaving Jaisalmer behind, we continued our road journey to Udaipur, the City of Lakes. The shimmering waters of Lake Pichola welcomed us as we cruised on a boat, passing by the iconic Lake Palace. The City Palace, with its intricate architecture, was a testament to Udaipur’s regal charm.

Exploring the Alleys of Udaipur

Udaipur’s narrow alleys and bustling markets beckoned us. We indulged in shopping for colorful handicrafts, exquisite jewelry, and traditional Rajasthani attire. The city’s rich culture and vibrant streets left an indelible mark on our hearts.

Relishing Local Cuisine

Our road trip was not just about sightseeing; it was a gastronomic adventure. We savored the flavors of Rajasthan, indulging in delectable dishes like dal baati churma, gatte ki sabzi, and mouthwatering sweets like ghewar and malpua.

Roadside Adventures

The beauty of a road trip lies in spontaneous discoveries. Along the way, we stumbled upon quaint villages, roadside dhabas serving piping hot chai, and panoramic vistas that compelled us to stop and capture the moments.

Cherished Memories

Our road journey through Jaisalmer and Udaipur was more than just visiting tourist spots; it was about bonding with cousins, sharing laughter, and creating memories that would last a lifetime. As we headed back home, the road stretched ahead, promising more adventures in the future.

The Road Journey I Always Wanted

This road trip through Jaisalmer and Udaipur was the adventure I had always dreamed of—a blend of history, culture, and the joy of the open road. It was a journey that filled our hearts with wanderlust and strengthened the bonds of family. The road beckons, and we are ready for more adventures on the horizon.


Q1: How long is the road journey from Jaisalmer to Udaipur, and what’s the best route to take?

A: The road journey from Jaisalmer to Udaipur typically takes around 8 to 10 hours, depending on the chosen route and stops. The most common route is via NH62, offering picturesque views of Rajasthan’s landscapes.

Q2: Are there any must-visit attractions or hidden gems on the road between Jaisalmer and Udaipur?

A: Yes, the route between Jaisalmer and Udaipur offers opportunities to explore charming villages, roadside dhabas (eateries), and even small historical sites. Keep an eye out for spontaneous discoveries along the way.

Q3: What are the best times of the year for a road trip to Jaisalmer and Udaipur?

A: The best times for a road trip to Jaisalmer and Udaipur are the cooler months, from October to March. During this period, the weather is pleasant for travel and outdoor exploration.

Q4: How can travelers ensure a comfortable and safe road trip experience?

A: To ensure a comfortable and safe road trip, travelers should conduct vehicle maintenance checks before the journey, carry essential supplies, and stay updated on road conditions. It’s also advisable to have emergency contact numbers on hand.

Q5: What are the top activities to enjoy in Jaisalmer and Udaipur during a road trip?

A: Top activities in Jaisalmer include desert safaris, camel rides, exploring the Jaisalmer Fort, and witnessing the sunset over sand dunes. In Udaipur, boat rides on Lake Pichola, visiting City Palace, and exploring local markets are popular choices.

Q6: Is it necessary to book accommodations in advance during a road trip to Jaisalmer and Udaipur?

A: While it’s not always necessary to book accommodations in advance, it’s recommended, especially during peak tourist seasons. Pre-booking ensures you have a place to stay and can plan your itinerary more effectively.

Q7: How can travelers make the most of their road trip experience with cousins?

A: To make the most of a road trip with cousins, plan fun and interactive activities, music playlists, and games for the journey. Share responsibilities like navigation and driving shifts to ensure everyone enjoys the trip.

Q8: What are some must-try Rajasthani dishes and snacks on the road journey?

A: Must-try Rajasthani dishes and snacks include dal baati churma, gatte ki sabzi, pyaaz ki kachori, and traditional sweets like ghewar and malpua. Sampling local cuisine is a delightful part of the journey.

Q9: Are there scenic viewpoints or photo spots along the road from Jaisalmer to Udaipur?

A: Yes, there are several scenic viewpoints and photo spots along the route. Keep an eye out for elevated areas, desert vistas, and roadside landscapes that provide excellent opportunities for capturing memorable photographs.

Q10: What’s the best way to balance sightseeing and relaxation during a road trip to Jaisalmer and Udaipur?

A: Balancing sightseeing and relaxation involves planning a flexible itinerary that allows time for both exploration and downtime. It’s important to enjoy spontaneous stops and moments of relaxation along the way.

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