Top 9 Honeymoon Destinations of India for 2023

Newlyweds always look for a cozy, fascinating, and romantic location for their Honeymoon. Whether you desire a fly-and-flop romantic beach vacation or a more active experience, Honeymoon Destinations of India truly offers it all.

India – a hub of 28 states and 8 Union Territories offers plenty of options for romantic destinations along with diverse cultural experiences, luxury accommodations, a variety of delicious cuisines, and adventure activities- all packed at affordable rates. 

But selecting the best Honeymoon Destination in India is a hassle if you’re new to the country or unaware of India’s diversity. This is where Travgenix’s travel experts come to your rescue!

We have the best romantic destinations if you’re planning a Honeymoon trip in an enormous country. Check out the details of top 9 best places to visit in India for honeymoon to have a phenomenal experience. 

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9 Best Honeymoon Destinations in India 

1.  Heaven of Earth – Kashmir 

Honeymoon Destinations of India - Kashmir

Kashmir is one of the best honeymoon places in India. The place is adorned with dense forests, impressive lakes, grasslands, and breathtaking mountain views, offering a perfect romantic vibe to couples. 6-7 days are enough to explore the romantic vibe, and Kashmir Honeymoon Packages start from Rs. 5,000/- and may cost upto 80,000/-, varying on personal preferences.  

Best Month to Visit Kashmir for Honeymoon –

Kashmir’s most beautiful and romantic scenes can be witnessed from March to August, during the summer and springtime. 

Not-to-Miss Romantic Places in Kashmir –

  • Srinagar: Famous for its Boathouse, lakes, gardens, and shrines. 
  • Gulmarg: Skiing, winter sports, and snowboarding are Gulmarg’s famous attraction. 
  • Pahalgam- Known for Tulian Lake and breathtaking mountain views. 
  • Jammu:  Royal and luxury palaces are a hit for couples in Jammu. 
  • Sonamarg: Famous for rivers, river rafting, lakes, and glaciers. 
  • Katra:  Known for huge luxury palaces. 
  • Patnitop: Paragliding, skiing, and adventure activities are a hit in Patnitop.

2.  Tourist’s Paradise – Goa

Honeymoon Destinations of India - Goa

With its beautiful beaches and hippy culture, Goa is one of India’s most incredible honeymoon destinations. You may take advantage of the numerous beautiful beaches surrounded by white sand and coconut trees and the locations for partying and dining in this state. 5 to 10 days are sufficient to experience Goa’s thriving nightlife and numerous islands nearby. Goa tour package starts at Rs. 15,000 per person and might vary depending on the travel.

Best Month to Visit Goa for Honeymoon –

The best time to unwind on the beaches in Goa is from October to February 

Not-to-Miss Romantic Places in Goa –

  • Grande Island: Get a taste of Goa’s scuba diving 
  • North Goa: Famous for its happening nightlife
  • Kakolem Beach: To experience tranquility with a romantic partner
  • Assolda Ground: For a hot air balloon adventure
  • Todo Waterfall: To experience trekking
  • Arambol Beach: Discover a Fishing Culture

3. Land of Kings – Rajasthan

Honeymoon Destination of India -  Rajasthan

There is no better spot than Rajasthan to enjoy some royal treatment as a couple while on your Honeymoon. Rajasthan is unique because of its royal forts, palaces, expansive gardens, and rich history and culture. The extraordinary rusty beauty of Rajasthan may be enjoyed by couples in 8 to 10 days, which will undoubtedly enhance the beauty of your newlywed life. Honeymoon in Rajasthan Tour Packages start from Rs. 7,000/- and may cost upto 21,000/-, varying on personal preferences.  

Best Month to Visit Rajasthan for Honeymoon –

Rajasthan is best visited in the winter, from November to February.

Not-to-Miss Romantic Places in Rajasthan –

  • Jaipur: It’s all about shopping, forts, monuments, vibrant culture.
  • Udaipur: Honeymoon in Udaipur – the Lake City of Rajasthan presents a historical spectacle.
  • Bikaner: Home to Camels (the ship of desert)
  • Junagarh Fort: It’s one of India’s most impressive forts.
  • Jaisalmer: Also known as “Golden City,” famous for dunes and camel safaris.
  • Jodhpur: Famous for architecture, including the forts, palaces, temples, havelis, and even residences, which are constructed in vibrant blue hues. 

4. Land of Seven Sisters- North East India 

Honeymoon Destinations of India - North East

India’s Northeast region is considered the best honeymoon destination in India due to its natural beauty, range of adventure activities, rich cultural heritage, peaceful surroundings, and convenience – easily accessible from different parts of the world. If you’re planning to explore the romantic sides of Northeast India with your partners, 7-10 days are enough. 

A honeymoon in the Northeastern part of India will cost around 20k to 40k or more, depending on personal preferences and selections. 

Best Month to Visit North East for Honeymoon –

Northeast provides a welcoming temperature throughout the year. However, due to pleasant weather and clear skies, October to March is the best time for a honeymoon. 

Not-to-Miss Romantic Places in North East  –

  • Shillong – Also known as “Scotland of the East.” 
  • Gangtok – Famous for stunning views of the Himalayas. 
  • Tawang- Home to the largest Buddhist monastery. 
  • Kaziranga National Park- Home for one-horned Indian rhinoceros. 
  • Majuli Island- Serene and peaceful destination for couples 
  • Darjeeling- Known for rolling tea gardens, colonial architecture, and stunning Himalayan views. 
  • Imphal – Known for scenic lake views, unique cuisine, and historical monuments.

5. God’s Own Country – Kerala 

Honeymoon Destinations of India - Kerala

Kerala tops the list of the finest honeymoon destinations in India due to its stunning scenery and great location. Calm backwaters and lush nature surround the area. To fully experience Kerala’s hot amber dawns and enjoy its exotic flora, fauna, and spices, 8 to 9 days will be optimal. Honeymoon Kerala Tour Packages range in price from Rs. 14,000 to 30,000, depending on the visitor’s preferences.

Best Month to Visit Kerala for Honeymoon –

A trip during the monsoon season will be ideal.

Not-to-Miss Best Honeymoon Places in Kerala—

  • Munnar: Well-known for the Neelakurinji & cultivation of tea locally
  • Alleppey: To go house boating and experience sailing
  • Thekkady: Famous for spice plantation
  • Wayanad: To enjoy the thrill of vacationing in a treehouse.
  • Varkala beach: Renowned for bathing at springs with therapeutic mineral water
  • Chingoli: Famous for their revivifying Ayurvedic sessions

6. Majestic– Karnataka

Honeymoon Destinations of India - Karnataka

One of the best off-beat Honeymoon places in South India is Karnataka, where you may spend time together alone as just the two of you. Karnataka’s honeymoon destinations provide hill stations, beaches, and historical ruins for a great start to your life. For exploring all the breathtaking natural wonders the place has to offer, 6-7 days are ideal. Depending on the visitor’s preferences, honeymoon Karnataka tour packages range in price from Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 27,000/-.

Best Month to Visit Karnataka for Honeymoon –

The ideal time to visit Karnataka is from October to April.

Not-to-Miss Romantic Places in Karnataka-

  • Coorg: Popular for its magnificent forest cover, compelling coffee and spice fields, and stunning cliffs and waterfalls
  • Mysore: Renowned for its magnificence is Mysore Palace.
  • Gokarna: A retreat for beachgoers
  • Chikkamagaluru: Famous for its coffee
  • Hampi: Renowned for its historic temples, forts, and other landmarks

7. ‘Magical Mountains’- Himachal Pradesh

Honeymoon Destinations of India - Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is the perfect destination for a honeymoon since it offers peaceful locations, incredible beauty, and delicious cuisine. Himachal Pradesh is renowned for its breathtaking scenery and action-packed pursuits like paragliding, skiing, and hikes. To fully appreciate this place’s grandeur, 7–9 days are sufficient. 

Best Month to Visit Himachal Pradesh for Honeymoon –

The ideal time to visit Himachal Pradesh is from February to June.

Not-to-Miss Romantic Places in Himachal Pradesh—

  • Shimla: Renowned for its beautiful surroundings and chilly climate
  • Manali: Known for its exotic attractions and beautiful river Beas roads
  • Dalhousie: Noted for its towering mountains and plunging valleys covered in pine trees
  • Kasauli: Known for paragliding, shopping, and trekking
  • Kullu: Famous for multiple valleys
  • Solan: Famous for paragliding
  • Spiti valley: Famous for its snow-covered mountains and windy roads

8. Adventure Paradise – Uttarakhand 

Honeymoon Destinations of India - Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand is the ideal honeymoon destination in India because of its fantastic weather all year long. Uttarakhand, made up of rugged terrains and lush vegetation has various locations perfect for newlyweds. For exploring sky-hugging mountains and endless emerald green valleys, 7 to 8 days should be plenty. 

Best Month to Visit Uttarakhand for Honeymoon –

The ideal time to visit Uttarakhand is from March to April and September to October.

Not-to-Miss Romantic Places in Uttarakhand—

  • Auli: For An Exciting Adventure
  • Dehradun: For a warm, romantic stay
  • Jim Corbett: Known as having the most tigers of any national park in India.
  • Mussoorie: Popular for its natural loveliness, vibrant social life, and entertainment.
  • Nainital: Famous for Naina Devi temple

9. Land of Culture, Beauty and Art – Tamil Nadu

Honeymoon Destinations of India - Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu, a place with a diverse culture, is also sprinkled with beautiful landscapes that will give you the ideal moments to be remembered forever. Lovebirds are fascinated by the breathtaking beauty of Nilgiris, the southernmost tip where three seas converge, the wildlife-filled Western Ghats, lavish homes, tumbling waterfalls, old forts, romantic getaways, and other such places. In Tamil Nadu, 5 to 6 days are sufficient for a honeymoon, which might cost anywhere between Rs 4,000 to Rs 50,000, depending on personal preferences.

Best Month to Visit Tamil Nadu for Honeymoon –

Between the end of November and the middle of March is the ideal time to visit Tamil Nadu.

Not-to-Miss Honeymoon Places in Tamil Nadu—

  • Meghamalai: Famous for its Vellimalai, Meghamalai Wildlife Sanctuary, and Cloudland Falls
  • Ooty: Recognized for its tea gardens
  • Coonoor: Stroll through a botanical garden, discover the diverse flora and fauna
  • Yercaud: Famous for Yercaud Lake and Yercaud Rainforest
  • Kodaikanal: Renowned for its magnificent scenery and unparalleled beauty


Travgenix has created specific honeymoon tour packages to meet the needs of couples and make the trip simple, comfortable, and convenient. 

With Travgenix tour packages, which handle your travel hassles and allow you to spend quality time amid stunning scenery, you may take your better half to romantic locations in India. This list of India’s Top 9 Honeymoon Destinations for 2023 will assist you in choosing the ideal location for your Honeymoon.

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