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How to Plan a Perfect Honeymoon in Rajasthan?

Very few things are as beautiful as the romantic union between partners. Having the “perfect honeymoon” planned in the perfect place at the ideal time of the year is one such, and for everyone interested in what could be the “once-in-a-lifetime-experience”, knowing how to go about this auspicious post-ceremony activity is the most important at the early life of a marital union. 

In the beautiful state of Rajasthan, India, many monumental cities are paid tourist homage by millions of couples worldwide. The ‘Land of Kings’ boasts numerous architectural and cultural attractions perfect for a honeymoon destination.

In this article, We share with you a few valuable tips by Travgenix, your travel partner, to help you curate and plan towards a uniquely special moment with your special someone.

 8 Tips on Planning The Perfect Honeymoon in Rajasthan

Choose a Destination Together

The starting point of your Rajasthan honeymoon tour must be well considered amidst several factors. By widespread consensus, Udaipur is generally the starting location city for many tourists as it features the royal architecture of marble palaces, lovely lakes and romantic scenery that sets the tone of your honeymoon experience in a certain way. 

Draft a Budget 

Honeymoons could be expensive, worth it, but quite costly. You’ll need to understand how much experience you can “buy” or invest in. Planning towards it would require months of savings and investments. It would be best if you also considered foreign exchange rates that may vary concerning your currency. Always have enough in cash to cover miscellaneous events. 

Accommodation and Packing 

A good rule of thumb is to pack light on only the essentials. While figuring out which hotel or boarding pass to obtain, consider several factors like budget, quality of service, security, proximity, etc. Ensure you maintain the experience you desire within your budget margins.

Consider a Travel Agent

Planning a honeymoon can be very overwhelming after the stress of concluding a wedding. Travgenix is a worldwide booking platform that provides unique Rajasthan honeymoon packages at affordable cost whilst delivering the best experience to you and your partner.

One of our all-time tourists favourites is the Udaipur Kumbhalgarh Tour

Udaipur-Kumbalgarh – The Heritage of Rajasthan Tour 

  • Duration: 4 Days & 3 Nights
  • Price: starting from ₹13,312/-
  • Places covered: Udaipur, Kumbhalgarh
  • Start Point- Udaipur
  • End Point- Udaipur 

If you’d love to visit the city of Udaipur and Kumbhalgarh on a honeymoon exclusive with your partner, this unique Rajasthan honeymoon package is just for you. Create a lifetime of memories with some highlights, which include:

  • Visit City Palace, one of India’s most famous and highest palaces in Rajasthan.
  • With your partner, relax on the Fatehsagar lake’s edge while enjoying the lake’s beauty.
  • Walking on the second-largest wall in the world, which protects this fort, will allow you to appreciate Kumbhalgarh’s majesty fully.
  • Luxurious boat ride with your partner as you enjoy the scenery of Pichola Lake, which ultimately turns orange at dusk.

Create a list of Activities 

It’s crucial to resonate with your partner on the list of events and activities that would cater to (both) your mutual interests. Ensure that your actions are tailored to your fitness and leisure and are manageable; neither should they compromise your privacy and alone time with your partner.

Spice Up With a Surprise

Chivalry, as they say, isn’t dead. Do some underground romantic work as a token to your partner by making plans to surprise them with dinner, a picnic date or anything fun and out of the ordinary that they would sincerely love. It would be a welcomed gift from you to them and a sense of fulfilment for you as you put a glowing smile on your loved ones’ faces. 

Read First-Hand Experiences 

Whilst ensuring that you’re getting on top of everything that needs to be taken care of given your honeymoon experience, make reliable enquiries from third parties like friends, relatives, tourist aids and the internet. Indeed, while you can browse through websites and google ratings, be sure to rely only partially on online reviews as many of such may be outdated and lacking truth unless the veracity of such online claims can be ascertained. 

Capture the Best Moments of Your Life

Be sure to live and bask at the moment. As much as you’re having a romantic time with your spouse, you’re also there for yourself. Therefore be sure to go camera ready with all the cam-tech gadgets (lens, camera, tripod) as you immortalize one of the best moments of your life.  

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