Is Kashmir Safe For Honeymoon?

Is Kashmir Safe For Honeymoon? An Honest Answer for the Couples

One of the India’s top honeymoon destination‘Kashmir’ is known for its beautiful lakes, breathtaking landscapes, and magnificent romantic weather. But is Kashmir safe for honeymoon?

The honeymoon places to visit in Kashmir such as Srinagar, Pahalgam, Gulmarg, Sonmarg and other honeymoon spots like Shankaracharya Hills, Dal lake, Indira Gandhi Tulip Garden, etc., are absolutely safe for couples and other travelers. Moreover, there are multiple military checkpoints throughout Kashmir, ensuring that the streets don’t surprise travelers. 

Are you planning for your Kashmir honeymoon trip? If yes, Travgenix has a detailed itinerary for a honeymoon package in Kashmir, including all the safe places and ensures maximum safety. But before that check out the other important details about this heavenly state of India.

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Is Kashmir Safe For Honeymoon?

Kashmir’s Safety Precautions Towards its Travelers- 

Kashmir does experience some kind of violence, but it is improbable that a traveler gets caught up in unsafe situations. Some of the pointers that justify tourists’ safety in Kashmir are- 

  • Locals in Kashmir always welcome tourists warmly and are usually very friendly, accommodating, and supportive towards tourists. 
  • Kashmir’s crime rate in terms of violence, rapes, and other crimes is also drastically low compared to other parts of India, marking Kashmir as highly safe for female travelers. 
  • Top tourist destinations like Nigeen lake, Doodhpathri, Nishant Garden, Betaab Valley, Yousmarg, Jama Masjid Mosque, etc., remain entirely safe. 
  • Lastly, in the worst scenario, if the situation turns out to be worse, there are high-end military arrangements for security at every corner of Kashmir to ensure tourists’ safety. 
Is Kashmir Safe For Honeymoon?

Is Kashmir Safe For Honeymoon? – Precautionary Tips to Consider Before Planning

If you’re still wondering whether or not it is safe to plan for the Kashmir honeymoon, our answer is a definite YES. However, for some of the threats still running in your mind, the following precautionary steps will ensure safety measures. 

  • Consult a Local Travel Agent- 

Connecting with a local agent while planning your trip is the easiest and safest method, as locals are well-versed in safety and threat situations.

  • Conduct your Research about Places in Kashmir you’re Planning to Visit- 

Before planning your Kashmir honeymoon trip, ensure you’re updated about the latest situation and news of the city. Although there would not be much hassle, curfew and other shutdown situations can create bottlenecks. 

Is Kashmir Safe For Honeymoon?
  • Opt for the Main Tourist Spots- 

Most of the popular tourist destinations in Kashmir are primarily unaffected by the threats and disrupted by any form of violence. Therefore, it is always advised to plan only for the major tourist spots and stay away from remote areas to ensure safety measures. 

  • Always go Through the Main Routes-

If you’re driving your vehicle alone, it is advised to always stay on the main routes and avoid shortcuts. Do not enter unknown Mohallas or lanes, and stick to the highways. 

  • Dress Appropriately- 

Regarding the place’s sentiments, tourists are advised to dress appropriately (opting for less revealing clothes). It is because most residents in Kashmir are Muslims, and most of their women’ are seen covering their bodies and heads. 

  • Limit Alcohol only to Indoors- 

Alcohol in Kashmir is considered bad as most of the Kashmiris follow Islam, and according to their beliefs, alcohol is strictly prohibited. Therefore, consuming alcohol indoors is advised to avoid any unnecessary conflicts.  

  • Get a Secured, Postpaid Mobile Connection – 

Prepaid mobile connections do not work due to security reasons in Kashmir. So if you’re planning the honeymoon tour, try and get a local mobile connection with the help of your travel agent to avoid any connectivity issues. 

  • Mind Your Camera-

Kashmir is a militarized zone. Therefore, photographs must be carefully done. Pictures of military zones and the airport are not allowed for security reasons. 

  • Always Carry a Valid ID- 

Kashmir’s military zone, has multiple checkpoints where officials may ask for travelers’ identity proof. Therefore, always carry a valid ID while travelling in Kashmir. 

Considering all the safety aspects of Kashmir, our Travgenix travel experts have concluded that Kashmir is a safe honeymoon destination for tourists. So, if you’re looking for a romantic getaway in India, Kashmir Honeymoon Tour Packages may help you with a safe tour. 

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