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Jodhpur In Monsoon 2023: 7 Places To Witness The City’s Charm Like Never Before!

Jodhpur, known as the “Blue City” of Rajasthan, is a destination that enchants travelers with its rich history, vibrant culture, and architectural wonders. While Jodhpur is a popular tourist spot throughout the year, visiting during the monsoon season offers a unique and captivating experience. The city comes alive with lush greenery, cool breezes, and a refreshing change in ambiance. In this blog, we will explore seven must-visit places in Jodhpur during the monsoon of 2023, allowing you to witness the city’s charm like never before.

1. Mehrangarh Fort:

Mehrangarh Fort


  • Explore the majestic Mehrangarh Fort.
  • Witness the city’s breathtaking views from the fort’s ramparts.
  • Discover the fort’s history and architecture through its museums.

Mehrangarh Fort, one of Rajasthan’s most magnificent forts, takes on an enchanting appearance during the monsoon season. The lush green surroundings complement the fort’s grandeur. Explore its various sections, including palaces and museums, while enjoying panoramic views of Jodhpur from its ramparts.

2. Udaipur Sagar:



  • Visit the picturesque Udaipur Sagar.
  • Enjoy a boat ride on the serene lake.
  • Witness the reflections of the fort and the cityscape in the water.

Udaipur Sagar, also known as Gulab Sagar, is a serene artificial lake in the heart of Jodhpur. Monsoon adds a magical touch to the lake, making it an ideal place for a boat ride. Capture the stunning reflections of Mehrangarh Fort and the city in the calm waters.

3. Ranisar and Padamsar Lakes:


  • Explore the tranquil Ranisar and Padamsar Lakes.
  • Spot migratory birds during the monsoon.
  • Enjoy the serene ambiance and natural beauty.

Ranisar and Padamsar Lakes, nestled near Mehrangarh Fort, offer a peaceful escape from the city’s hustle and bustle. The monsoon season attracts migratory birds, making it a paradise for birdwatchers and photographers.

4. Jaswant Thada:


  • Visit the serene marble cenotaph.
  • Explore the lush gardens surrounding Jaswant Thada.
  • Enjoy the cool and refreshing atmosphere.

Jaswant Thada, a stunning marble cenotaph, is a place of calm and beauty. The gardens around it flourish during the monsoon, creating a serene environment for visitors to relax and admire the architecture.

5. Mandore Gardens:



  • Wander through historical gardens with cenotaphs.
  • Enjoy the peaceful ambiance and lush greenery.
  • Learn about the history and mythology of the garden.

Mandore Gardens, once the seat of the Marwar dynasty, are a delightful spot to explore during the monsoon. The gardens come alive with greenery, and the cenotaphs within tell stories of Rajasthan’s rich history and mythology.

6. Kaylana Lake:

Kaylana Lake


  • Visit a scenic lake surrounded by hills.
  • Enjoy boating and birdwatching activities.
  • Witness captivating sunset views.

Kaylana Lake is a picturesque spot for relaxation during the monsoon season. The surrounding hills and the serene lake create a tranquil environment. Boating and birdwatching are popular activities, and the sunset views are truly enchanting.

7. Chamunda Mata Temple:



  • Undertake a spiritual pilgrimage.
  • Admire the architectural beauty and panoramic views.
  • Experience the tranquility of the temple.

The Chamunda Mata Temple, perched on a hill, offers a spiritual retreat. The monsoon season adds to its charm, and the panoramic views of Jodhpur are simply breathtaking. It’s a place of peace and reflection.

These seven places in Jodhpur come alive with beauty and charm during the monsoon season. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, a history buff, or someone seeking serenity, Jodhpur in monsoon is sure to captivate your senses. So, plan your trip to this “Blue City” and experience its magic like never before in 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1. When is the monsoon season in Jodhpur?

The monsoon season in Jodhpur typically starts in late June and lasts until September.

Q2. Is it safe to visit Jodhpur during the monsoon season?

Jodhpur is generally safe to visit during the monsoon season, but it’s advisable to check weather updates and road conditions before traveling.

Q3. What should I pack for a trip to Jodhpur during the monsoon?

Pack lightweight, breathable clothing, an umbrella, raincoat, and waterproof footwear.

Q4. Are there any monsoon festivals or events in Jodhpur?

While there are no specific monsoon festivals, Jodhpur celebrates various cultural and religious events throughout the year.

Q5. Can I still explore outdoor attractions during the monsoon in Jodhpur?

Yes, you can explore outdoor attractions, but be prepared for occasional rain showers.

Q6. Are there any monsoon-specific activities in Jodhpur?

Monsoon is an excellent time for nature walks, birdwatching, and enjoying the lush greenery of Jodhpur.

Q7. What is the best way to reach Jodhpur during the monsoon season?

You can reach Jodhpur by train, bus, or air. Check weather conditions and travel advisories before planning your journey.

Q8. Are there any monsoon discounts on accommodations in Jodhpur?

Some hotels may offer monsoon discounts, so it’s a good idea to check with your chosen accommodation.

Q9. Can I visit Mehrangarh Fort during the monsoon?

Yes, Mehrangarh Fort is open during the monsoon, but it’s advisable to check their official website for any temporary closures due to weather.

Q10. Is it necessary to book tickets in advance for Jodhpur’s attractions during the monsoon?

While it’s not always necessary, booking tickets in advance can help you skip long lines, especially if there’s a sudden rush of tourists due to improved weather conditions.

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