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Kedarkantha Trek in Winters – 6 Reasons to Say YES!!

If you’re planning a trek during winters, Kedarkantha Trek, located at Uttarkashi District in Uttrakhand within Govind Wildlife Sanctuary, is your best bet. Whether you’re a novice trekker, an experiencer or a pro, Kedarkantha trek in winters is a perfect option in the entire Himalayas, also known for the confluence of different Himalayan ranges.

Situated at 12,500 ft above ground level, Kedarkantha is a beautiful winter trek in India, covered with a dense white thick layer of heavenly snow. It offers stunning views of majestic mountain peaks.

The adventure and uniqueness of the trek begin right from the Dehradun to Sankri, covering multiple small towns like Purola, Netwar, Mori, Mussorie, Motwat and many others. 

From astonishing wide forest cleanings to pretty campsites, Kedarkantha in Winters will always be a hit option. Travgenix offers 6 Days and 5 Nights Itinerary curated for all enthusiastic trekkers and explorers. 

Let’s go through this blog to explore six reasons why you must experience Kedarkantha Trek in Winters.

Kedarkantha Winter Trek Details:

  • Region- 

Located in Uttrakhand 

  • Height/Altitude- 

Starting height of the Trek is 6000 ft, and it takes you 12,500 ft. 

  • Difficulty- 

Quite Easy. Does not require any prior trekking experience. 

  • Trek Trail Type– 

Round Trail. Begins and Ends at Sankri.

  • Start and End Point– 

Sankri (10hrs drive away from Dehradun). 

  • Best Time to Visit Kedarkantha Trek– 

Winters (December to April). 

Note- Apart from offering majestic views, Himalayan Winters are sometimes unpredictable and may offer severe dropping down temperatures, around -10 degrees or even less. So, suppose you’re planning for the Kedarkantha trek in inters, you must be well-equipped with all the warm layers and other necessities. 

6 Reasons to Plan Out Kedarkantha Trek in Winters:

Winter snow at Kedarkantha Trek sets around mid-December and remains till the last week of April. As soon as you cross the 10,000 ft mark of your trail, reaching the meadows, you will find a huge, thick blanket of heavenly white snow in each direction.

Best Track to Drive in the Himalayas:

kedarkantha trek in winters

The drive for Kedarkantha Trek begins from  Dehradun and takes you to Mussoorie, Purola, Nowgaon, Maitwar and Mori. Moreover, this remote route is exquisite and offers some beautiful views from the Indian Himalayas. 

Road track after Purola till the base camp, Sankri is adventurous and offers some breathtaking scenes and stops, which you rarely spot on the general Himalayan route. 

Witnessing the Golden Carpet of Brown Leaves:

kedarkantha in winters

White snow with highlighted brown leaves offers beautiful walking pleasures for trekkers.  

Kedarkantha Trek is entirely covered with dense pine forests, and walking along the trek offers a crunchy delight from the carpet of brown leaves scattered all over the path. 

Thick Blanket of Heavenly Snow till April:

Unlike most of the treks in India that only offer seasonal snow and trips, the Kedarkantha trek offers stunning majestic, stunning views to visitors ten months a year. Apart from July and August, the Kedarkantha Trek welcomes visitors most pleasantly. 

Snow sets in mid-December and lasts till the last week of April. As soon as you cross the 10,000 feet mark on the trail, you will witness colossal pine trees covered with a thick layer of snow, and after reaching the meadows, 360-degree snow-covered views will blow your mind.  

Stunning 360-Degree Snow Peaks All Around:

kedarkantha winter trek

One of the huge perks of walking through Kedarkantha Trek is witnessing 360-degree snow peaks of famous and heightened mountain summits, all at your eye level. Right from the base camp at Sankri or another location, you will feel touched by the cold sky, surrounded by jaw-dropping views of famous mountains and snow-covered trees. 

Prettiest Campsites:

Each campsite of the Kedarkantha Trek, including Juda-Ka-Talab, the Kedarkantha base and Hargaon Camp, compete for its beautiful views. The entire Kedarkantha Trek is proud to host the most beautiful campsites in the Indian Himalayas, surrounded by pine trees, thick layers of snow, pines and oaks. 

Easy and Safe Route for Beginners:

One of the main concerns while planning out treks is whether the route will be safe and easier enough to entertain new visitors. Kedarkantha Trek is covered with dense snow most of the months but still offers a moderately easy and secure route for visitors. 

Whether you’re a beginner or a first-time visitor, the trek can easily be covered with necessary precautions, proper care and a local guide. 

Most Opted Itinerary for Kedarkantha Trek in Winters:

Travgenix has curated a 6 Days and 5 Nights Itinerary for the Kedarkantha trek package that covers all the famous destinations and routes for the most beautiful and adventurous Indian Trek, which starts from Sankri Village. 

Day 1- Travel from Dehradun to Sankri base Camp – 

Distance- 220 Km

Approx. Time Taken- 10-11 Hours 

Sankri Village (6400 ft in height) is approximately 187 kilometres from Dehradun, and it takes around 8-10 hours to reach the base camp. While on your way to the trail, you will go through beautiful Indian villages, including Naitwar, Mussorie and others. 

Day 2- Sankri to Juda-Ka-Talab – 

Distance- 4 Km

Approx. Time Taken- 5 Hours 

Height- 6400-9100 feet

Juda-ka-Talab is at 9000 feet height, and you need to climb around 5kms to cover the route. While on your way to the next destination, you will be watching pine, stunning green meadows, and oak and maple trees. 

Day 3- Juda-Ka-Talab to Kedarkantha Base Camp 

Distance- 4 Km

Approx. Time Taken- 2.5 Hours 

Height- 9100- 11250  feet

Start your journey to the Kedarkantha base (1120 feet) camp from Juda-Ka-Talab in the early morning. This entire trail will be for around 4km, and it will take approximately 3 hours to reach the final destination, a beautiful trek with oak and pine forests. 

Day 4- Base Camp Kedarkantha to Hargaon- Kedarkantha Peak 

Distance- 6 Km

Approx. Time Taken- 6-7 Hours 

Height- 11250-12500 to 8900 feet

The journey for this trek will begin before sunrise as we aim to reach the summit by sunrise time. Hargaon peak is approximately 12.000 feet, and it will take around 2-3 hours to cover the trail. 

After admiring nature’s glory at 12,500 feet, travel back to the camp at Hargaon, which will be around 6 km (8450 feet). 

Day 5- From Keadarkantha Peak- Hargaon to Sankri 

Distance- 6 Km

Approx. Time Taken- 6-7 Hours 

Height- 8900-6400 feet

After covering all the beautiful sports from your Kedarkantha Trail, head back to Sankro base camp (6km trek), which will take around 3-4 hours. Enjoy a relaxed night in your Sankri Camp, enjoying the victory of heightened cliffs. 

Day 6- Head Back to Home- Sankri to Dehradun 

Distance – 220 km

Time Taken- 10-11 Hours 

After enjoying a chilled, relaxed night at Sankri Camp, it’s time to pack your bags with lifelong memories and head back to Dehradun from Sankri. 

This is the most opted and best reviewed itinerary, and Travgenix further assists you with some hidden spots and beautiful locations that still need to be listed on the traveller’s map. Book your Kedarkantha Trek with Travgenix now to know more. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

What all things do you need to carry for the Kedarkantha Trek?

Wollen clothes, windproof jackets, snow boots/hiking shoes/slippers/sandals, trekking poles, sunglasses, raincoats, medicines, toiletries, ID PRoofs, energy bars and a camera for the memories are some essentials that you always need to carry in your backpack. 

Are there connectivity issues on Kedarkantha Trek?

Mobile connectivity issues do not occur till you’re in Mussorie, and once you reach Sankri or other heights, the network starts fluctuating. 

Do we need to carry cash during the trek, and what is the availability of ATMs?

It is always advised to carry cash while you’re on a trek as sometimes there are connectivity issues, due to which your machines do not operate optimally. Moreover, the last ATM during the Kedarkantha trek is Purola. 

Are Kedarnath and Kedarkantha Trek different?

Yes, Kedarnath and Kedarkantha are two different routes in Garhwal Himalayan Range. 

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