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Nag Tibba Winter Trek – 5 Reasons to GO FOR IT!

Indian Mythology has deep connections with traditional stories and beliefs, and snakes or Nagas are highly revered in Indian Mythology. From temples to festivals, gods, goddesses and scriptures, snakes hold a special place and meaning. Not only in divinity, but snakes also have remarkable reverence in hilltops and sacred mountains. Nag Tibba winter trek in the Mussorie trail, offers spiritual insights into the snake mountain, also known for its exotic wildlife and wild flora. 

Nag Tibba is located at 9915 feet (3022 meters) in height and offers a quick rendezvous in the Himalayan ranges and Bugyal region of Uttrakhand. Nag Tibba is the most beautiful, highest peak in the Uttrakhand Himalayan region and has derived its name from the “Nag Devta”. It is an ideal escape for adventure junkies, offering wonderful delight from the best serenity and tracking trail covered with thick meadows and jungles. 

Suppose you’re a trek lover and want to experience the cold breeze at the highest lower Himalayan range height. In that case, the Nag Tibba winter trek itinerary curated by Travgenix is an ideal option for your adventurous cravings. They have an exciting, fully-explored yet crisp 2 Days and 1 Night itinerary curated for all enthusiastic travellers. 

Nag Tibba Winter Trek – No Reasons to Say No!

Soak into the beauty of snow-copped Himalayan Ranges, including Bandarpoonch, Swargrohini, Gangotri, KalaNag and Srikantha, during your Nag Tibba Winter Trek.

Closer to the Capital City- 

One of the unbeatable reasons to opt for the Nag Tibba trek is its accessibility factor. You no longer need to regret not planning. It’s a two-day trek located only 90 km from Pantwari (the base location for the trek). If you’re located in or near Delhi, it will take only 7-8 hours to reach Dehradun and 4 hours from Dehradun to reach Pantawari. 

So, if suddenly it clicked your mind to plan a trek on Friday evening, you only need to pack your bags and find the closest route and commute mode to Dehradun. After Dehradun, Travgenix’s local guide will assist you with all the trek details. 

Trek Duration:

Nag Tibba is a perfect weekend trek location that can be completed in two-to-three days. A beginner always doubts whether or not they will be able to complete the trek in 2-3 days, but this offers a more accessible trail into the Himalayas. 

2 Days Itenerary for Nag Tibba Trek- 

Meet at Pantawari and Trek to Khatian:

Experience the off-road travelling in the route on a stone trail filled with long patches of loose stones. 

  • Approximate Distance from Dehradun to Pantawari-  100 Kms
  • Drive Duration from Dehradun to Pantawari- 4-5 Hours
  • Trek Duration from Pantawari to Khatian- 4-5 Hours 
  • Trek Distance from Pantawari to Khatian – 5.2 Kms
  • Altitude/Height- 4600 ft to 7500 ft. 
From Khatian to Nag Tibba Base, Back to Pantawari and Dehradun:

From Khatian, experience a steep climb to the summit amidst thick forest, meadows, cold breeze, and white heavenly snow-covered mountain tops. 

  • Trek Distance- 9.3 Kms
  • Altitude- 7500 ft to 9900 ft. 
  • Trek Duration- 5-6 Hours 

If you want to extend the Nag Tibba Trek Package by a day, you can plan an overnight stay at Nag Tibba Base Camp and enjoy a bonfire in the chilly weather. 

Terrain Gentleness:

Nag Tibba trek is an adventurous trip for beginners who have never been to mountains and steep stones. The trail offers gentle terrain with steep sections of only 5-10 minutes. The absence of extended steep mountain climbs allows trekkers to find beauty and adventure strewn all around. 

After 2-3 hours of the game with stones and mountains, the view is Nag Mandir 180 degrees of higher Himalayas is all worth it in the end. Enjoy sunset views at the highest point and plan your trek to further higher camping sites. 

A 360-Degree Trek:

Nag Tibba is a perfect blend of exotic flora and fauna, amazing heightened Indian Himalayas views, forests and waterfalls. On the Pantawari base camp, you will come through the most beautiful Rhododendron forests. 

On your way to the Nag Mandir trek, ankle-deep snow and snow-covered trees will grab your attention, and on the highest peak or the end location, you will witness the never-seen beauty of the Himalayas, landscape and small villages from the top. 

Easy Accessibility to Services:

One of the main concerns that attract the interest of beginners is the accessibility of services, including mobile networks and medical attention. At Nag Tibba, all these services are readily available, all thanks to local villages and people who have set their camps every 1 km. 

Moreover, with Travgenix, you need not worry about any service. We have a special media and resume team to assist travellers with minor discomfort. 

What are the Activities you can Enjoy at the Nag Tibba?

You might be wondering, other than magnificent views, what other aspects make the steep stone climbing worthwhile. To help you with the details, minor pleasures between the trail and camp nights make the trek worthwhile. 


Nag Tibba offers easy trails and trekking in the Indian Himalayas and is the most preferred option by both beginners and experienced trekkers. It takes only 5-6 hours to complete the trail, passing through hushed hamlets, lush green valleys, oak forests and conifers. 


Camping during your Nag Tibba trek under a clear sky full of stars and bonfires on chilly nights makes the entire trail worthwhile. Travgenix’s team has small activities planned for tourists to encourage group communication and enhance the fun element. 


Nag Tibba is full of scenic views you cannot resist capturing and recording in your lifelong memory book, whether at night, sunrise or sunset. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

When is the best time to visit Nag Tibba?

February to the second week of June and mid-September to mid-November are the best time to visit Nag Tibba. Apart from the winter treks, you can also plan Monsoon and Summer treks to experience the different beauty of nature. 

Is Nag Tibba Trek a Difficult Option?

Nag Tibba trek offers both easy and moderate trek options to travellers. 

What is the average temperature at Nag Tibba?

During the daylight, the temperature rises to 8-20 degrees; at night, it drops back to  5-8 degrees. 

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