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Best Winter Treks India – 5 Snow Treks to Try for Beginners (Nov-Dec Special)

Trekking is a unique yet adventurous experience that takes you near the natural landscape and helps you explore mountain culture. India is a known destination for adventurous treks in the world, all with regard to the Himalayan Ranges. From Chopta Chandrashila Trek to Dayara Bugyal Trek and the most famous- Kedarkantha Trek, India is a hub for new and experienced trekkers who want to have an experience of the best winter treks in India. These snow treks will give you a thousand memories and experience to cherish for the lifetime!  

If you are a newbie in trekking, this article is perfect for you. We will talk about some of the best treks in India and explain why trekkers prefer winter for their adventurous nature encounters. We will also dig into the precautions you need to take when foraying into this thrilling experience.

Best Snow Treks in India for Winters

Travgenix not only celebrates treks but also helps others celebrate them. Here is a list of the best snow Treks in India out of which, no one is lesser or better than the other.

#1 Kedarkantha Trek

best winter trek in India
  • Trekking Duration – 6 Days & 5 Nights
  • Difficulty Level – Easy (Ideal Indian Trek for Beginners). 
  • Maximum Altitude – 12,500 ft.
  • Starting Point– Sankri Village 
  • End Point – Sankri Village 
  • Trek Distance – 20 Kms
  • Temperature -2°C to 10°C
  • Price – Starting from Rs.3,599/-

Kedarkantha trek is an experience in Uttarakhand’s Govind Pashu Vihar National Park, one of India’s most well-liked winter trek of India. It attracts both seasoned and novice trekkers. Start your journey in the early morning and gradual ascent up the steep incline, and experience the trek blushing with splendour and the possibility of snow falling from the pine bushes like magical dust.

The Kedarkantha trek package by Travgenix trail will take you through the inimitable views of lush meadows, cosmic sky, snowy paths, scented pine forests,  sky-knocking peaks, charming villages, and the mythological story whispers. 

Trekkers will record a lifelong experience of walking through forests at night with their head torches, witnessing the most beautiful sunrise from mountain tops and enjoying local music and food with the villagers. 

To assure maximum safety for our trekkers, we will take care of all the medical kits, stretchers and oxygen cylinders. You will be assisted by professional trek leaders, support staff and guides throughout the trail. 

Expert Tip – Although our professional trek experts will have all the medicines, sleeping bags, tents and other essentials, your necessary medications and warm layers are still required for the utmost protection and safety measures. 

#2 Dayara Bugyal Trek

best trek in india in december
  • Trekking Duration – 4 Days & 3 Nights
  • Maximum Altitude – 11,900 ft.
  • Starting Point – Dehradun 
  • End Point – Dehradun 
  • Trek Distance – 17 Kms
  • Temperature – 14°C to 2°C
  • Price – Starting from Rs.3,199/-

Dayara Bugyal Trek is the favourite Indian winter trek option for seasoned and frequent trekkers. It is an escape into the snow world, a trail covered with trees, stones and mountain views. 

This trek is all about beautiful mountain vistas, exciting climbs and some of Uttarakhand’s most beautiful alpine meadows at any time of the year. With a fantastic woodland region, lovely campsites, historic villages, and high spots, the Dayara Bugyal Trek is one of Uttarakhand’s top snow hikes.

With the Gangotri Mountains’ backdrop, Dayara Bugyal Trek’s trail is marked by dense forests and rich wildflower carpets in the misty valleys. 

Expert Tip- The distance between different campsites may vary more than 100-200 metres depending on the route and weather conditions of the place. Therefore, keeping your luggage as lightest possible is advised, carrying only the essentials for a justifiable reason. 

#3 Chopta Chandrashila Trek

best snow trek in India
  • Trekking Duration – 3 Days & 2 Nights
  • Maximum Altitude – 4000 ft.
  • Starting Point – Rishikesh 
  • End Point – Rishikesh 
  • Trek Distance – 18 Kms
  • Temperature – 0°C to 30°C
  • Price – starting from Rs.3,399/-

Chopta is often called a ‘Mini Version of Switzerland’. Embark on this adventurous hike in the magnificent valley with lush, green meadows and towering pine and oak trees in the background, making it a favourite of hikers and campers.

The trek will have mesmerizing views of the Kedar summit, Himalayas, Chaukhamba, Deoria Tal Lake, Bandarpunch and Nanda Devi. As you step to the higher altitudes, you will experience snowy winds and a closer encounter with nature. There’s too much to grab from this lifelong experience, from the grand feast to the beautiful views. 

Climbing from Chopta to Chandrashila Summit is the most significant thrill activity in the Indian Himalayas, and Travegnix experts have all the professional arrangements sorted for the enthusiastic traveller. 

Expert Tip- Please carry all your identity proofs and required documents during the trek. Also, there are no additional facilities like ATMs or clinics after Sari. However, carrying cash and other necessary medicines is advised for safety precautions. 

#4 Nag Tibba Trek

winter treks India
  • Trekking Duration – 2 Days & 1 Night
  • Maximum Altitude – 9,900 ft.
  • Starting Point– Dehradun
  • End Point – Dehradun
  • Trek Distance – 15 Kms
  • Temperature – 14°C to 2°C
  • Price – Starting from Rs.1,199/-

A trekker’s delight, Nag Tibba winter trek. It is the highest peak (9,915 feet) in the Garhwal Himalayas’ Nag Tibba range. In addition to stunning vistas of Bandarpoonch mountain, the Gangotri group of peaks, Kedarnath peak in the north, Doon valley, and Changabang’s snow-capped peaks, the route takes you through forests rich in flora and fauna. The advantage of the Nag Tibba walk is that a jeep can take you to the base of the Nag Tibba Mountains, which makes it one of the best short winter trek in India.

Trekkers will be residing in a tented accommodation at the base camp in the forest, away from all the noises and hustle-bustle of the city. You will capture the amazing views of Gangotri peaks, Kedarnath Peak and Bandarpoonch Peak on the trail while enjoying hot piping local delicacies. 

Expert Tip- If you’re doing a winter trek in India for the first time, then it is advised to exercise, warm up and stretch at least a week ago as you will be climbing to heightened altitudes where you might have oxygen scarcity and other issues. Here is the link to our Nag Tibba trek package, check out complete itinerary and inclusions.

#5 Brahmatal Trek

snow treks india
  • Trekking Duration – 6 Days & 5 Nights
  • Maximum Altitude – 12,100 ft.
  • Starting Point – Lohajung
  • End Point – Lohajung
  • Trek Distance – 22 Kms
  • Temperature – 1°C to -15°C
  • Price – Contact Travgenix for details

Brahmatal trek is famous as a snow trek in India , yet comparatively less crowded, so if you are looking for a non-public trekking experience this winter. This trek is exquisitely situated in the Himalayas and draped in sparkling snow carpets. 

Standing at 12,000ft, the journey takes you through centuries-old Oak and Rhododendron forests and offers beautiful scenery. It also covers Bursol, Kopad camping, and Brahmatal Lake. 

Moreover, Brahmatal Trek offers a new trail in Indian Himalayas; not many people have yet visited or are even aware of the sites. Hence, it is best to go away from the crowd into the silent, peaceful nature encounter to refresh your mind and soul for a spirited comeback. 

Expert Tip – Since Brahmatal Trek is a new winter trek in India, most of the areas there are free of dustbins. Therefore, we advise you to remove most of the unnecessary waste at the base camp, including packaged food, tags and covers, to follow the trails policy. 

Not only this, but Travgenix also provides the Kareri Lake trek, Laka Glacier Trek, Bhrigu lake trek and Indrahar pass trek in winters. Reach out to the website to know more about the itinerary details. 

Why Do Trekkers Prefer Winter Treks in India?

Though every season comes with a charm, trekkers who like to hike in the mountains have a soft corner for winter. Trekking in the lower altitude peaks is a must for anyone who loves to dwell in an adventure, as the cold temperature and serene atmosphere complement the blood rush and high adrenaline. Here are some reasons trekkers decide to wear their hiking boots in the chilly season:

  • Gigantic mountains covered in magical snow make you feel like you have come to a white paradise.
  • The winter season provides an out-of-this-world sighting of exotic fauna and flora.
  • No excess sweating or sunstroke problems.
  • The snow-covered caves look more mysterious than ever.
  • The winter backdrop allows for the most remarkable pictures.

Winter Trekking in India – A few tips!

Trekking in cold winds hurts our eyes, the chill makes us tremble, and the breeze stings our nostrils, yet all of these things pale in comparison to the breathtaking beauty of the winter landscape. The difficulty of surviving in this winter wonderland is commensurate with the stunning beauty of this environment; here are some pointers to help you out.

Layer Up

People unfamiliar with cold weather tend to believe they must stay bundled up at all times, but it’s crucial to avoid getting overheated.

Experts drop down to their minimum wool layers when working out in the cold to prevent sweat from accumulating. You want as little dampness as possible on your body.

And, when trekkers halt, they rapidly pull their layers back up.

Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated in cold weather can be challenging: pack at least one insulated and one non-insulated water bottle, plus one thermos bottle.

  • The non-insulated water will quickly cool down, so you can only drink from it in the morning.
  • The insulated one will rescue you when you need your second bottle in the afternoon.
  • The thermos can be used for soup or tea. Avoid caffeine.

Prepare Your Body

  • Exercise daily to build up your stamina and boost your energy level.
  • Focus on breathing exercises, which will significantly help your trekking experience.

Always Listen to Your Guide

As thrilling as it may sound, snow treks offer more excitement than simply scaling the snow cap.

You must always listen to your guide in the erratic Himalayas since things can turn challenging and occasionally even deadly. Your guide should be aware of your whereabouts at all times.

With their detailed excursions, experienced guides, and 24X7 customer services, Travgenix is the best bet for trekking beginners looking for the best winter treks in India. Answer the Himalayas’ calls this winter and book your life-changing trekking trip today with Travegnix for the best lifelong experience in the Himalayan mountains. 

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